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Here, we have attached a handsome number of case studies, which provide complete solution on different issues regarding getting higher education.
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US Universities
Harvard business School HBS

Since its inception in 1908, Harvard business school which is a part of Harvard University, Boston, has witnessed the transformation of millions of common men into the world's most promising leaders. The most cherished dream of million and billions of students, Harvard not only offers the incredible academics, brand, networking, and facilities, but also gives a platform for a student to develop holistically. Ranked among the top business schools in USA and Kennis Planet Academy worldwide, the school offers two years full time MBA with an option to customize your study by selecting electives like Finance, General Management, Marketing etc.

Deadlines & Decision Notification for Class of 2018 :

Round 1 : 9 Sep, 2015
Round 2 : 6 Jan, 2016
Round 3 : 4 Apr, 2016

Application Fees : $250, Non-refundable.

Class Profile :
  • Total Enrollment : 937
  • Average Age : 27
  • Average GMAT : 730
  • International Student : 34%
Recommendations : Two recommendations are to be submitted online.

Essays :

Essays are going to be very crucial for your selection processes as they scan your personality by putting questions before you. We can say that you get a chance to describe your personality, your achievements, and your contribution by these essays so let's have a look on essay questions for the current session of HBS.

There is one essay question for the Class of 2018 :

It's the first day of class at HBS. You are in Aldrich Hall meeting your "section". This is the group of 90 classmates who will become your close companions in the first- year MBA classroom. Our signature case method participant-based learning model ensures that you will get to know each other very well. The bonds you collectively create throughout this shared experience will be lasting. Introduce yourself.

Access analysis : The essay asks you to introduce yourself and highlight some of the key strength of your candidacy. Though the admission committee never limits your answer in certain words but you should try to keep yourself away from over drafting. Generally you can utilize the space by mentioning your key accomplishments, leadership qualities, any personal or professional achievement. HBS has always focused on candidates impact on the his group, company or projects, thus you can also share some of your experiences in which you contributed majorly in an organization. It is all about giving an idea about your persona that gives a reflection of a true leader in you.

Sample Essays

What have you learned from a mistake? (400-word limit)

Mistakes are an integral part of growing up and there have been some errors of judgment that I don't look too proudly at. Though I am proud of the fact that I have inculcated the ability to learn from my mistakes and have never repeated the same errors again.

One such incident that comes to my mind is when we set up the first computer literacy center for xxxxxxxxxxxx We organized a food distribution event in a nearby slum in order to attract young people to our center. I chalked down the requirements, calculated the costs, arranged for the funds, selected the day and procured the food supplies. At the point of planning I realized that my team would not be adequate to handle the expected footfall and hence just a day before we arranged for 4 new volunteers who wanted to make some contribution in our attempt to serve the community. I delegated responsibilities to each of the new volunteers and verbally explained them their responsibilities. I assumed that this was enough to make the event successful and therein committed a mistake.

The event started off on schedule and for a while everything seemed to be in control. The rush was slowly and gradually building up and I felt a certain apprehension. .................................. Someone in the crowd uttered about the lack of food supplies and the crowd went berserk. Within minutes the situation had flown completely out of control. People were pushing and grabbing for food supplies, the volunteers had panicked, .............. the entire stall came down.

My misery was intense and significantly more when I saw three children badly hurt. A doctor was immediately called to provide the required first aid. The day ended on a note of self-doubt and guilt.

For days to follow, I kept pondering on the reasons for the failed event. The responsibility was mine, but I thought I had played my role well and it was my supporting team to be blamed. Slowly my mistakes were glaring back at me. As a leader, my delegation was erred. I had no understanding of the capabilities of the new volunteers. Due to lack of time, I made an uninformed choice. And I decided that it shall never happen again.

Since then we have arranged many such events and fortunately all of them have been successful. We now provide training sessions for new volunteers to provide a hands-on experience. We also ensure that new trainees are always accompanied by experienced ones in every assignment. Though I have stumbled, I now know that I have learned the most important lesson in leadership, a leader cannot assume .... he should know.


My sister was enrolled with Access and obviously her success was the reason for selecting Access again as my counselor. I do not regret my decision and am happy with the way they rendered their services and were almost available all the time for my work. They have a very dedicated and a knowledgeable team. I would recommend the services of Access to anyone who wished to go abroad for higher studies.


Himanshu, Harvard

Top Colleges

Top Colleges

Services Overview

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