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Here, we have attached a handsome number of case studies, which provide complete solution on different issues regarding getting higher education.
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Asia Pacific Universities
Rank 3: Insead the Business School of the World -

Ask Our ConsultantA good thing can seldom be duplicated, but there is an exception in the case of INSEAD. It has two campuses, located in Singapore and Fontainebleau, France and both are considered widely to be in the vanguard of top rated business schools. If the analysis and the presentation of the career profile is done in the right manner then u can easily get the success.

Why Choose Us
  • Will first quantitatively analyze your profile to suggest the B-School which will fit your requirement.
  • Unique Profile Assessment will qualitatively match the candidate with the school.
  • Profile building exercise will help analyze the strengths & weakness.
  • B-School focused essays will be written.
  • Recommendation will be drafted with respect to the B-Schools.
  • An impactful resume depicting managerial strengths will be made.
  • Customized Interview preparation via several mocks.
Recommendations and essays are necessary documents for admission purpose.


Rounds & Deadlines : September 2014 Deadlines

  • Round 1 : 2, October 2013
  • Round 2 : 27, November 2013
  • Round 3 : 5, March 2014

Application Fees : Application fee of €200 to be paid online with a credit card.

GMAT/GRE : Required

Online Essays Required : Each essay topic listed below and in the subsequent pages must be answered.

Job Description :

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Essay : 1 briefly summaries your current (or most recent) job, including the nature of work, major responsibilities, and, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, clients/ products and results achieved. (250 words maximum)

Essay : 2 Please give a full description of your career since graduating from university. If you were to remain with your present employer, what would be your next step in terms of position? (250 words maximum)

Essay : 3 If you are currently not working, what are you doing and what do you plan to do until you start the MBA programme? (250 words maximum)

  • Give a candid description of yourself, stressing the personal characteristics you feel to be your strengths and weaknesses and the main factors, which have influenced your personal development, giving examples when necessary. (600 words maximum)
  • Describe what you believe to be your two most substantial accomplishments to date (if possible specify one personal and one professional), explaining why you view them as such. (400 words maximum)
  • Describe a situation taken from your personal or professional life where you failed. Discuss what you learned. (400 words maximum)
  • your short and long term career goals. (300 words maximum) and
  • How will studying at INSEAD help you achieve your vision? (250 words maximum)
  • Please choose one of the following two essay topics:
  • Have you ever experienced culture shock? What insights did you gain? (250 words maximum), or
  • Describe the ways in which a foreigner in your country might experience cultural shock? (250 words maximum.)
  • Is there anything that you have not mentioned in your application that you would like the Admissions Committee to know? (350 words maximum) This section is optional.

In case of reapplication, please provide an update on any new aspects of your professional, international, academic or personal profile that would not have been included in your previous application. Please also explain your motivation for re-applying to INSEAD. (400 words max.)

Sample Essays

Describe what you believe to be your two most substantial accomplishments to date (if possible specify one personal and one professional), explaining why you view them as such. (400 words maximum)

Success is perceived in different ways by different people. For me, success has always meant going beyond the mandate to deliver far-reaching results both in the professional and the personal realm.

Professionally, I have thrived in the challenging and initiative driven MMM environment. Recently, I was closely involved in the successful development and implementation of a suite of credit scoring models which made a large Canadian Bank become Basel II compliant. This was a first core-risk engagement for me, but the technical complexity and data inadequacy posed an immense technical challenge for even my seniors. The data had huge gaps which necessitated system conversions for successful system development.

………………… The fact that the models I developed were highly predictive and resulted in client delight made us replicate certain models for other portfolios

My enthusiastic and pro active contribution in the successful completion of the pilot run of a community initiative in 2 government run schools in the Indian state of HHH is another achievement. My cherished belief that good schooling contributes greatly in shaping a person’s life was put into action when I joined the community initiative, III which sought to significantly improve quality of primary education imparted in government schools. The project aimed to remove the typical problems in government run schools across India- lack of discipline, high drop-out rates, absenteeism, unruly student behavior, low motivation levels of teachers, et al.

……………..I consider the reduced dropout rate and improved performance of students a personal triumph. Juggling the intense work environment with this project required accommodation and patience, but my perseverance and self belief that the task was worth it, has bestowed lasting improvement in the educational scenario in at least 2 schools.


I am based out of Delhi and initially had many apprehensions working with Access. But the way they planned my work, distance never posed a problem. All my discussions, mock interviews and essay discussions happened very smoothly. I am happy with their work and I wish them the best in all their endeavors.


Arunima, Insead

Top Colleges

Top Colleges

Services Overview

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