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Ask Our ConsultantReliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
Thank you for your curiosity in the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This application is the foremost phase of a two-stage application process. Once you are chosen as a Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship finalist, the second step is the submission of the Stanford MBA application.

In a competitive procedure, approximately 50 Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship finalists will be selected. Every applicant will be principally evaluated on three criteria:

1) merit, including academic performance and professional promise;
2) commitment to developing India; and
3) a demonstration of financial need, based on an analysis of your personal resources. The application must be completed and submitted by 1 June.

Those who are chosen as a finalist, receive a one-time Stanford MBA application fee waiver. In addition, you are sent a GMAT® fee voucher which allows you to register online for an exam date of your choice. After the fellowship decisions post, the information on your application will be joined to a new Stanford MBA application which will be reachable using your same PIN and password.

Do I need to be a citizen of India to apply?
Yes, you must be a citizen of India. If you wish to apply for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows program, you must be either studying or working in India. Moreover, all Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows are requires to return to India within two years of graduation to work for a period of at least two years.

What are you looking for in Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows?
While choosing about 50 Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows finalists, the academic and professional merit, commitment to developing India, and financial need based on a review of individual’s personal resources will be considered by Reliance Industries.

What are you looking for in Stanford MBA applicants?
The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows finalists will follow the similar admission standards alike all other Stanford MBA applicants. The Stanford MBA applicants are evaluated on intellectual vitality, demonstrated leadership skills, personal traits and contributions. If you are keen on knowing more about the Stanford MBA admission criteria and process, please visit http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/admission/

How many Reliance Dhirubhai Fellow applicants, finalists, and awards to you expect?
This year being the inaugural year of the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows program, we not have a fir idea of how many Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows applications we may receive. Out of all the applicants for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows, Reliance Industries aims to select up to 50 finalists who will not be charged a single penny for applying to the Stanford MBA Program. Thereafter, the Stanford eventually will select up to five Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows and up to five alternates from a total of approximately 50 applicants.

What if I am not selected as a Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows finalist? Can I still apply through the regular Stanford MBA application process?
Even if you are not selected as a finalist for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows program, you may still apply to the Stanford MBA Program. However, in that case you will have to bear all costs of the admissions process including application fees, exam fees, and financial aid verification fees. (University/college seniors currently receiving financial aid may apply for an application fee waiver if you provide documentation from your school’s Financial Aid Office. Although we understand the financial burden but we are not able to waive the application fee in other cases.) Regardless of the citizenship, all Stanford MBA students are qualified for financial assistance which comprises both fellowships and educational loans. While the Reliance Dhirubhai offers full financial support in the form of a fellowship.

Which exams are required for admission?
10th board, 12th board, and GMAT and/or CAT scores (if available) are required at the time of the screening of the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows applications. All finalists for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows program will also be required to appear for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as part of the Stanford MBA admission process. If you have done so already, you need not appear again. The fees associated with the GMAT will be waived for the finalists.

What are the educational requirements for admission for students educated outside of the United States?
It is expected that you will have finished the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree (at least 16 years of education, including primary and secondary schooling.) One is allowed to apply with a three-year degree. Several of our applicants who have earned a three-year baccalaureate degree from an international university, have also earned a master’s degree, but this is not mandatory.

Can current university students apply to the Stanford MBA Program? Is work experience required?
Work experience is not essential. Just choose the best time to attend a business school. We accept outstanding students, mostly those who apply directly after an undergraduate or graduate program without full time work experience. Candidates who apply directly from the university generally have an extensive record of extracurricular leadership followed by excellent academic credentials. They are not only self-confident but can also effectively articulate the reasons why they wish to pursue an MBA education.

Can I apply if I already have an MBA?
If you already have an MBA or an equivalent degree in management studies, you are can apply to the Stanford MBA Program. However, we would not encourage you to do so without a compelling reason. You may review our course offerings first. Then, if you decide to apply, make a compelling case in both your Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows application and your Stanford MBA Program application to clarify why you want to attend an MBA education again.

What about the visa process?
Once you are admitted to the Stanford MBA Program, you will be assisted in the visa process by the Stanford University. First determine which visa is right for you. Most students study under the F-1 visa and a few study under the J-1 visa. Upon your admission to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, comprehensive information will be sent across to you.


What are the costs associated with applying for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowhip?
For prospective Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows, the entire procedure will be free of cost. All fees associated with applications, exams, and financial assistance verifications will be waived for the finalists.

What are the costs of attending?
The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows program will take in hand all financial costs covering tuition, accommodation, books and travel for the entire duration of the two years of study. For viewing the cost of attendance for 2008-2009, visit our website at http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/finaid/cost/

How do you determine an applicant’s financial need?
Financial need is determined as the Cost of Attendance for one year excluding your contribution based on the analysis of your individual resources (annual household income, cash savings, investments including retirement, and home equity).

How will applicants demonstrate financial need? (e.g., what documentation will you require?)
In due course, students will be required to bring to an end the Financial Aid Applications and submit copies of the tax returns and other certification. For more information about the process on the GSB Financial Aid, view the website at http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/finaid/

What if I qualify for partial financial aid (e.g., I come from a middle class family that can afford some but not all of the costs of attendance)? Is the Fellowship an all-or-nothing program?
The Fellowship is a full fellowship to encompass tuition, fees and all living expenses for complete two years. Partial Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship awards are not available. In case you fail get selected as a Reliance Dhirubhai Fellow but are chosen to the Stanford MBA Program, we would highly encourage you to complete the standard financial aid process as the School offers several other financial resources to assist and help the students.

What happens if I change my mind about returning to India for two years after my MBA? Would I need to repay my Fellowship?
Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows will be required to pay off all Fellowship funding if they choose not to return to India within the required timeframe i.e. two years.

What happens if, after my MBA, it takes me longer than two years to return to India? Would I need to repay my Fellowship?
Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows are required to return to India within two years of graduation from the Stanford MBA Program. Else, the applicant will have to pay back the Fellowship funding he has received.

Are Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows obligated to work for Reliance? Am I at an advantage if I would like to work for Reliance?
The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows do not necessarily have to work for Reliance Industries Limited at any point in the procedure or during the career. However, those who willingly express an interest in career opportunities with Reliance Industries are welcome to proceed if they fulfill the requirements.

What kind of company do I have to work for upon completion of my MBA studies?
The interest varies from person to person, so Stanford MBA students may pursue many different types of career opportunities. You can work for a major corporation, lead a nonprofit, head an educational institution, , run a factory, develop a life sciences company, serve in government or succeed in organizations of every size and description. Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows shall benefit if they apply the management and leadership skills learned at Stanford to developing the Indian economy.

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