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UK Universities
University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Ask Our Consultant Cambridge- the hallowed name in education throughout centuries has its own claim to fame in the top business schools of the world also in its Judge Business School. The beauty of the campus is reflected in the reflective and well thought out tone of the essays which just beg to be beautifully written. Getting an admit into this world-wide recognized and eminently prestigious institution is well worth the effort- so don't give up and get going!!

Application deadlines

Round1 : 18; Sep; 2015
Round2 : 23; Oct; 2015
Round3 : 8; Jan; 2016
Round4 : 4; Mar; 2016
Round5 : 6; May; 2016

Class profile :

Average Age : 29.6
Work Experience : 6.5 years
GMAT Scores : 680
Nationalities : 39
Size of Class : 145

Application Components :
  • Application fee £150, Non-refundable.
  • GMAT or GRE : You have to take the GMAT to apply to Cambridge. Plan ahead, do preparation, and book your test date in advance, with our application deadline dates in mind.
  • TOEFL or IELTS : Please report your TOEFL or IELTS score here. We will ask for official verification of these qualifications if we take your application forward. If you are requesting a waiver, then do this on the application form as per the instructions here.
  • Letters of recommendation : We require one reference from a line manager or
  • Essays :
TOEFL :- If English is not your first language but you are fluent and believe that we should waive the requirement to take an English language proficiency test, please briefly explain here:(Word limit 150)

Additional information :- Please provide information on any aspect of your candidacy that requires further explanation, or information that you would like the Admissions Committee to know (300 word limit).

Current Full-Time Employment :-

1. Previous Roles/Promotions and Dates within your current company. Characters left in your response 1000 2. Describe your primary job responsibilities; 1) type and size of internal and external teams with which you work or supervise 2) type and number of clients or projects you manage; 3) size of budget or revenue for which you are responsible; 4) international experience or exposure (150 word limit)* 3. What is your most significant challenge within your current company ?* Characters left in your response 1000 4. What is your most significant accomplishment within your current company?* Characters left in your response 1000. 1000

Career Objectives :- Please provide a personal statement. It should not exceed 500 words and must include the following:

1.) What are your short and long term career objectives?

2.) What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them?

3.) What do you hope to gain from the degree programme and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have?

MBA Essay : What did you learn from your most spectacular failure?(up to 200 words)

MBA Additional Questions :- Please see online application ----

1. Did you use any of the following resources to research the Cambridge MBA?

2. Do you think we offered you enough information (via email, on our website, at events) about the following themes, to support you in your MBA decision making?

Finance :- 1. Please list any scholarships that you have been awarded for your study. Characters left in your response 300.

2. Please list any scholarships for which you have applied or intend to apply. Characters left in your response 300.

Sample Essays:

Personal statement :

It should not exceed 500 words and must include the following: *
  • What are your short and long term career objectives?
  • What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them?
  • What do you hope to gain from the degree programme and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have?

My long term career goal is to start my own enterprise. While, I haven't worked out the exact contours in terms of the service offerings, vision, mission or the business plan, I intend to use the one year at Cambridge in doing so as well as enhancing my skills that will eventually help me in attaining my goal.

I have harboured the thought of being an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember and this has had an impact on many of my choices so far. Whether it was organizing fests and other workshops at university, or joining an incubating practice xxx or starting my own social venture, I have always tried to get myself involved in situations which demanded an entrepreneurial mindset. As a result of my experience in these situations, I have also identified skill sets that I need to build on to be a successful entrepreneur.

I believe that the single most important characteristic of an entrepreneur is an ability to ...................................... As I interact with my fellow mates, I intend to get exposure to various cultural nuances and sensibilities, an experience which is likely to come in handy in building my business later.

In addition, to build an enterprise, one needs to have a combination of strategic thinking and tactical dexterity. While the tactical aspects of business can be, and in my opinion are most effective when, learnt on the job, it is the strategic aspect of my thinking that I intend to improve at Cambridge. I intend to take courses in the area of strategy to develop my strategic orientation, which is sometimes neglected in the daily rigmarole of corporate job and the time out at Cambridge can be devoted to this aspect.

Also, the Cambridge MBA will help in ........................................ I believe that I already possess some of the skills that are needed in these roles by way of the experience I have had so far. Firstly, I have been working in global consulting firm and have managed multiple teams. On some occasions, I have also been exposed to the nuances of building businesses and service capabilities such as defining and refining the value proposition, building teams, choosing the right sales channels and establishing control and tracking mechanisms. In addition, I have also worked with clients across the globe, in domains ranging from private equity and insurance to IT services. Working with such a diverse clientele has sensitized me to the business practices and work culture of these regions. This will help me in working in the international environment I encounter at the kind of firms that I am targeting.

In addition to the skills and experience that I already have, the Cambridge MBA will help me in ............................................................................Thus the Cambridge MBA will help in ................................... of the MBA class. I intend to utilize every possible opportunity to network with, learn from and contribute to the perspectives of my fellow class mates. Lastly, I intend to .................................................. solve complex business problems.

Top Colleges

Top Colleges

Services Overview

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